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Management Services

    Administration of the Lease

  • Collect rent and make deposits into your preferred account.
  • Enforce all terms of the lease agreement
  • Administer lease renewals, rent increases, notices to vacate, notice of lease violation and late notices
  • Evict delinquent and problem tenants
  • Develop Tenant Rules and Regulations and enforce all the terms of the Tenant Rules and Regulations 
  • Convene regular meetings with tenants and maintain consistent communication with individual tenants


  • Maintain tenant and property files
  • Pay expenses out of the rental proceeds
  • Ensure all required taxes are paid as appropriate
  • Provide  monthly, quarterly and year-end summary report of financial status


  • Conduct routine and emergency maintenance: We will promptly reply to all tenant's maintenance requests 7 days a week and make minor repairs as needed
  • Conduct regular and detailed inspections of the property and recommend and manage repairs and improvements
  • For major repairs, seek your authorization
  • Hire qualified and competent contractors
  • Control and supervises all work
  • Renovation assessment during tenant turnover and give recommendation
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